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Koi for sale This beautiful young Kumonryu is one of many.

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DAI SUKI GOLD is a high protein, quality growth food that has been especially formulated to provide a balanced diet for KOI during late spring, summer and early autumn period, when there are higher water temperatures. Koi should be fed small amounts often, instead of one large amount, as this aids in water stability. It is best to only feed as much as can be consumed in a few minutes. As with all high protein growth foods, water quality needs to be monitored closely i.e. Ammonia, Nitrite, and pH. For best results this food should be fed with water temperatures in excess of 62of also, the addition of SUPERMIN PLUS Montmorillonite clay will aid in better digestion of food and well being of the fish. This product is in the premiership of Koi foods it contains all a Koi's daily It has been produced in three great sizes which most KOI will love 4mm, 6mm and 11mm


Is a high quality wheat-germ food that has been especially formulated to provide a balanced diet for KOI during the early spring, late autumn and early winter, temperatures permitting. When Koi Carp are starting to feed after their over wintering period. This food should be fed sparingly to start with and as the filters start to mature, their feed should be increased as the water temperature rises. As with all KOI it is not advisable to feed below 7°c / 46°f ,as the Koi's metabolism slows down below this temperature and the Koi will have difficulty in digesting the food. Available in 4mm


A highly digestible, High Protein food for the rapid growth of small fish. Dai Suki Royal is a new generation starter feed for small Koi Natural palatability enhancers have also been added to the feed. The crumbled nature of the diet allows a slow release of these flavours with consequential stimulation of the feeding response. The food is designed to be clean and dust-free with high water stability and a slow rate of sinking. As with all high protein food, Dai Suki Royal should not be fed to koi under 62F/17C.

54% Protein available in 3mm & 6mm

Dai Suki Feeds

VIRKON S AQUATIC builds on the heritage of the original Virkon S disinfectants used in human and animal diseases, as the most proven virucidal disinfectants in the world. It has been shown to have a broad range of efficacy, even at high dilution, against all the major fish virus groups including: fish herpes viruses (Koi Carp Herpes virus; Channel Catfish Virus; Carp Pox Virus), fish rhabdoviruses (Spring Viraemia of Carp Virus; Snakehead Rhabdovirus); fish birnaviruses (IPN virus) and fish orthomyxoviruses (Salmon Anaemia Virus). It is also highly active against Aeromonas, and other bacteria, even at low temperatures. It provides complete infection control in all aspects of fish rearing. In addition to this proven efficacy, it has a favourable environmental profile and also offers great user safety.

Welcoming the launch of Virkon S Aquatic, leading fish veterinarian Professor Ron Roberts, retired Director of the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling and Hagerman Distinguished Professor at the University of Idaho explains "Virus infection in the Koi industry has become a serious concern with the growth of the hobby and the increased importation of Koi from countries affected by Koi Herpes virus and Spring Viraemia Virus.

Following the recent serious Koi Herpes virus outbreak in most of the key Koi countries including Japan, Israel and Germany, as well as the UK it became clear that the Koi fraternity could not depend on out dated remedies and would have to look to the modern techniques of biosecurity practised in other livestock areas. This is when the keynote role that Virkon S plays so successfully in pig, poultry and cattle production worldwide became clear. The fact that the original Virkon S, the most proven and effective virucide for animals, has now been tailored specifically to the biosecurity requirements of the Koi owner, where lower fish toxicity and environmental and user safety are paramount, is a great step forward for infection control and disease management in this rapidly expanding hobby". Used to prevent viruses from getting into the individual Koi water system. It will also introduce the totally new concept of 'water column sanitization', where Virkon S Aquatic can be dripped into the incoming make- up water to reduce any virus levels in the tank or pond water column below infectious dose levels, even if an infected carrier fish is introduced, without toxic effects on the fish and with minimal depletion of biological filters.



Second hand Bakki Shower

Excellent condition, see second hand pond equipment for details

Absolute bargin includes bakki media.

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Dai Suki Gold RS 6mm 20Kg offer

Dai Suki Gold RS 6mm 20Kg offer


This food is based on the Dai Suki Gold range and as such has 45% protein. It also contains Immune response stimulants which can help Koi in times of Illness or stress.

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